SmartMover is the basic tug we supply to the retail industry.

Using a sophisticated weight transfer system and dual drive motors, this compact tug generates enough power to move loads of up to 1.200 kg.
SmartMover is mainly used for handling heavy roll containers in smaller stores that don’t have access ramps, meaning roll containers have to be pushed over several tens of meters to the store. 
SmartMover is also widely used by our customers for “picking up” goods at distribution centres.

Main benefits of using SmartMover when handling roll containers are as follows:

  • Elimination of manual labour in handling roll containers, which dramatically reduces the risk of injury
  • Safe and efficient handling of roll containers over long distances on uneven ground or on slopes
  • Enables linking of multiple roll containers together, thus improving the efficiency of workers
  • Reduces the risk of roll containers overturning, damage to goods as well as the likelihood of injury
  • Reduces fatigue of employees

Follow the manufacturer’s links for detailed information about SmartMover tugs:

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  • MasterMover SM60+
  • MasterMover SM60+
  • MasterMover SM60+
  • MasterMover SM60+

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