Removable Textile Doors

Video Removable Textile Doors


Turn your 2-sided roll container into 4-sided units with minimum price and weight increase.

Our unique Textile Doors solution is a flexible, cheaper, ecological and easy-to-handle alternative to wrapping the container with stretch foil or using metal doors.

The Removable Textile Doors presents a great solution for retailers that use stretch foil only on a limited number of roll containers, or only for certain operations. The Removable Textile Doors are not permanently attached to the roll cage and, therefore, provide high flexibility for the operations.

Benefits of the Textile Doors

  • Prevents goods from falling out of roll containers
  • Offers space benefit in store backrooms and narrow aisles
  • Lowers investment cost
  • Eliminates the need for stretch foil:
    • reusable environment-friendly solution
    • major money savings on stretch foil
    • saves time compared to wrapping and unwrapping the roll container with stretch foil
    • saves time on handling the used stretch foil for recycle purposes, so your store staff has more time for customers
  • Made in the EU
  • Removable Textile Doors
  • Removable Textile Doors
  • Removable Textile Doors
  • Removable Textile Doors

Technical Data/Specifications

Designdoes not overlap the sides of the roll container - fits between side wall, which eliminates worn out damage during transport
reinforced by two light flexible bars
one pocket for delivery documents
Dimensionsadapted to any type of roll container
Weight of one door0,72 kg including straps
Fixing systemdetachable doors secured with 4 bungee cords
Closurewith bungee cords, textile straps or rubber straps with hook
Materialboth side PVC coated fabric, 620 g/m2, UV stable, resistant to temperatures from -25°C to +70°C, washable
Optionalone side PVC coated fabric, 450 g/m2