About us

SELS s.r.o. has been offering its services to both domestic and foreign customers since 2005.

As a result of our long-standing collaboration with renowned companies, SELS s.r.o. has become a professional, reliable partner in logistics, with a focus on providing quality and comprehensive services. In line with our product portfolio and extensive experience, we design and deliver complete solutions for wheel logistics.

At SELS, we have been working with retailers since 2005 when the company was established. Nowadays, we focus on custom-made solutions. Over the years we have developed several products helping our customers to save money in their logistics processes. We supply TextileDoors that present an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to wrapping the roll cages with stretch foil. ThermoCovers, on the other hand, are used to keep fresh, chilled and frozen foods at the right temperature during the transport. SecurityCovers are utilized for transport of expensive goods. They will help reduce opportunity theft and enhance “on trust deliveries”. Store Units enable faster replenishment in stores and can also work as a unit for promotional sales. On the contrary, the Demountable Roll Containers present an efficient and affordable solution for transportation of goods between the distribution centre and stores. Since 2014, we supply MasterMover pedestrian operated tugs for moving heavy roll containers in a safe and efficient manner.

In the industrial division of SELS, we help manufacturing companies to improve their intralogistics operations by making them more efficient and safer. In order to do that, we supply our customers with MasterMover pedestrian operated tugs that can move wheeled loads from 50 kg up to 360.000 kg. Using MasterMover tugs improves workplace ergonomy and safety by reducing manual handling and enhancing a fork-free environment. MasterMover tugs also help to increase efficiency by reducing the need for a crane or a forklift operator.

Tecnacar tow tractors are capable of safely moving loads on wheels up to 40.000 kg. Tecnacar tow tractors are used to pull loads for rather long distances where it is comfortable for the operator to sit on, or stand on, the machine rather than walking by it. The heavy-duty trollies are always tailor-made to the specific needs of a customer. The wagons are fully compatible with our MasterMover tugs or Tecnacar tow tractors and, together, present a complete solution for moving very heavy loads such as injection tools. Logistic trains are used for JIT deliveries of materials to a production line. Logistic trains enhance efficiency of the processes and improves safety by elimination of forklift movement in the production area.