VTA 100



Powerful, versatile and economical tow tractor to pull trailers up to 5,000 kg.

The 6 Kw AC motor and the optimized Tecna performance system guarantee optimum efficiency in all conditions. With its 75-shor polyurethane tire, the VTA 103/105 provides optimum traction at all times.

Flux Vector Control
Latest technology programming. Intelligent adaptation to work needs, determining in each case the minimum battery consumption.

The programming for the maintenance and the adjustment of the parameters can be done from the big screen, as well as through the Tecna service tool (TST).

Lateral removal of the battery in all models. Li-ion batteries available throughout the range.

High performance motors
The high power of the two traction motors, all asynchronous (maintenance free) guarantees an extremely high dynamic response in any situation.

Braking system based on fully encapsulated oil-coated discs.

The protective cabin is floating on hydraulic shock absorbers to transmit maximum comfort to the driver, eliminating vibrations and reducing the noise level.

More information about VTA 100 available on Tecnacar website.

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Technical Data

ModelsVTA 103 / VTA 104 / VTA 105
CapacitiesFrom 3,000 kg to 5,000 kg
Nominal bar shootingFrom 600 N to 1000 N
Wheelbase1,121 mm
Weight910 kg – 1,010 kg
Track width behind595 mm
Total height1,306 mm
Ground height200 mm
Total length1,436 mm
Total width800 mm
Turning radius1,460 mm
Travel speed with/without load8/13 km/h
Maximum shot at the barFrom 2,200 N to 3,800 N
Motor power2.5 kW (VTA103), 3 kW (VTA104), 6 kW (VTA105)
Batteries48V 210 Ah / 48V 230 Ah / 48V 250 Ah